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Iconic beer with 5.8%

Our iconic and traditional beer

The first type of beer we will present to you is the oldest and the most appealing choice for us many. This is the most iconic beer that has been produced since the early days of the company and the one that made us who we are today. The flavor is traditional, specific and one of a kind, as you would expect.

It contains carefully selected ingredients and offers superb alcohol percentage you will definitely like.

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Try our dark beer with 8.3%

Our Strong and Dark Beer

What if you want something bigger, something more powerful? Then you will need our dark beer. It has more alcohol than the standard beer and it is optimized to stay delicious, powerful and appealing in the lack of better words. The dark beer we offer is growing in popularity as we speak and soon it will become another, number one.

It contains more alcohol than our traditional beer

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