Here’s how we make beer

This is our process to make different kind of beers and keep fulfilling the needs of our consumers.

Best possible ingredients

The first step is acquiring the best ingredients that are specifically grown and processed for our beer. They are difficult to find but they do offer the best possible quality and the best taste in the lack of a better word.

They are the biggest secret we have and the one that is a game changer.


Brewing process

Brewing process isn’t something we can reveal in this case scenario. The entire process is traditional and exactly the same as our ancestors used. It doesn’t involve any advanced machinery nor chemicals.

It is all-natural, slow and effective. Thanks to it, our beer is one of a kind.


Each barrel with beer is stored at a carefully controlled environment.

It is an additional secret we have and it has been used for decades. Our traditional storage facility is regularly maintained but also keeps the traces of the first beer produced here.